Light Interface

Based on Python3 and Flask, the interface is light and can be start or stop, only when you need it.

Can be install on all old PC running Debian.

Virtual Machine and Container

You can use Hype² to create Virtual Machine, but also container based on LXC.

Moreover, as it is based on common software : Qemu/KVM, LXC, Openvswitch, Nginx.

You can also use the standart commands (virsh, lxc, ovs...) and find a lot of documentation.


Created using commun libriaries, in Python3.

Can easely imagine some features such as Docker or Ansible.

Quick Install

On Debian,

1- Create a bridge interface

On your host,install the network bridge package:

Then create the bridge interface br0, according to your network with :

int The existing physical interface (example : enp1s0)
ip your fixed IP netmask your netmask (example:
gateway your gateway

auto br0
iface br0 inet static
bridge_fd 0
bridge_maxwait 0

iface  inet manual
NB:You can also create the bridge in cli, please refer to : as example.

2 - Install git and clone the repo

apt install git
git clone

3 - Start the install script

cd Hype2
sh ./

4 - Start

python3 ./
and go to https://your_ip/